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    We are a creative, island community.


    Fay Page began in 2002 with just Fay, who was soon joined by husband to be, Rob. Over the years the business has grown and we are now a team of nine, island-based, makers. To celebrate almost 20 years of making we have commissioned our daughter, Daisy, to make us each a makers mark. Each makers mark will be embossed in to each box of jewellery, depending on who made the piece in there - we hope you enjoy exploring who made your jewellery and reading a little bit about them.

    Rob and I work full time here in the workshop but we are very fortunate to have a brilliant bunch of part time employees, like most islanders they all have more then one job and one way or another they’re all a pretty talented bunch too. 


    Despite starting his life on the island as a boatman, and having no formal training, Rob is by far and away the most skilled maker we have here at Fay Page – he specialises in bespoke pieces such as wedding bands and designing and making our hand stamped work. Rob is great at experimenting and inventing– he has made his own press for cowbells and bottles and he makes all the stamps we use.

    Rob first came to Scilly as a teenager in 1984 when he joined a friend on a family holiday. He moved here permanently in 1990. He began working as crew on the passenger boats but soon became a skipper on the St. Martin’s boats The Voyager & The Enterprise.

    Rob’s favourite thing we make is ……… the coffee!!! (ha ha)


    Fay’s background is in drama, after attending the Central School of Speech & Drama she worked for the BBC, The Theatre Museum and on Camden Market (where she developed a love for jewellery). Her love for Scilly won over and she moved to the islands in 1999. Fay started Fay Page in 2002 in need of ‘something to do’ – it’s not gone too badly since.

    Fay first came to Scilly in 1975 as a baby and returned every year – she did her first summer season aged sixteen at Juliet’s Garden (when it was still a shed!)

    Fay’s favourite piece of jewellery is the gold mini whale charm and favourite thing to make is cufflinks.


    Hannah moved to St. Martin’s in 2009, imagine our joy when we found out she had jewellery making experience! Hannah is the queen of hammer wielding  – if you visit the studio and there is some hammering going on the chances are it is Hannah making bangles or rings.

    Hannah’s family always holidayed on St. Martin’s and she moved over permanently in 2009 to be with her now husband Andrew – who is the son of the people Hannah’s family rented a holiday cottage from! Together they run SCDogs distillery and SCsalt.

    Hannah’s favourite piece of Fay Page jewellery is the mussel shell and her favourite thing to make is bangles (get your ear plugs ready)


    Jemma has visited Scilly all her life on family holidays, she moved here permanently in 2008 and lives on St. Mary’s (she is our only commuter, boating here and back, even in the winter!) Jemma has always been a great Fay Page customer and when the café she was working in changed hands I offered her a job – who better to have selling the jewellery than the person who loves the stuff? Jemma works part time as she has a young family but if you visit us on a Monday or Tuesday you’ll meet her; when she is not packaging web orders or serving in the shop she’s making handmade chains and earrings. Jemma is currently on a break as she has seriously injured her achilles, as she lives on St Mary's and commutes by boat it has really scuppered her! Thankfully we've set her up with tools at home so she's still making lots of lovely chains.

    Jemma’s favourite thing to make is wrist chains and her favourite piece of Fay Page jewellery is her wentletrap necklace.


    Inga was born and raised in Latvia but had a passion for travel so left to tour the world, she met her South African fiancée on Sark and they’re settled on St. Martin’s after several summer seasons on Scilly. Inga specialises in soldering, chain making and photography – Inga has taken most of the lovely images on the website. Jewellery is very tricky to photograph but Inga’s knack of lighting has proved invaluable – we love her style. When not making or photographing, Inga is serving in the workshop.

    When not at Fay Page, Inga is out and about creating her beautiful watercolours, inspired by not only her island home but her many travels.

    Inga‘s favourite piece of jewellery is the tea tree studs and her favourite thing to make is a wrist chain.


    Ella is our youngest and newest maker at Fay Page. Born on Scilly (and Rob’s god-daughter) she is at the start of an exciting island adventure after returning from her studies on the mainland. Ella is already pretty nifty at soldering and can be found with a blowtorch on most Tuesdays. When she isn’t here she is providing childcare across the island, working at the Island Bakery and coxing the men’s gig crew.

    Ella’s favourite piece of Fay Page is the Ring of Islands ring and she loves making urchin and starfish studs.


    Lanie was born in South Africa but moved to St. Martin’s in 2005 to work at the island’s hotel. She has since married, had a family and secured a Duchy tenancy on a house. When not working in Fay Page, Lanie is with her two children or painting her beautiful and very detailed canvasses that depict the flora and fauna of Scilly.

    Lanie’s favourite piece of jewellery is her patterned cowbell – a design unique to Lanie – and she likes making the tiny cowries.


    Morag came to Scilly in 2008 to work at Churchtown Farm, like so many she fell in love with the island, but she fell in love with her now husband, Will, so never left. Morag does a lot of our soldering and cleaning up of castings. When not working here for two days a week Morag hides away in her studio where she paints beautiful canvases inspired by her island home. If that is not enough, she is also a Coastguard and the island’s yoga teacher!

    Morag’s favourite piece of Fay Page is her Tresco urchin ring and Morag likes making starfish.


    Tania started with us just before the first lockdown - such timing! - but has now left us in term time for college. Currently in Durham, studying for her degree in Business Management, we are really missing Tanis's brilliant sense of humour and words of wisdom and can't wait for her to return to us for July & August 2022.