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    Fay Page began in early 2002 when I started making a basic range of shell and pebble jewellery. I had been struggling to think of what to do long term that would allow me to stay in Scilly, having moved here just a few years before. I was then living on the tiny island of St. Agnes, when a friend, fellow Scilly jeweller Sophie Hooper, invited me along to Ireland for a three week course in silversmithing. On our return I bought some basic tools and got stuck in, a few months, and one Princes Trust grant later, I set up Fay Page. 

    At the same time as establishing the business I met a boatman from one of the other islands, and we decided that we’d like to start a life together. I moved my workshop from my St. Agnes bedroom to the back of a greenhouse on St. Martin’s, over the years the business has grown, new ranges have been designed. Having realised he was a natural maker, Rob gave up the high seas to become a jeweller, we’ve moved to new premises over the years as the business has grown (a shed, then a bigger shed and now a lovely granite barn) and we’ve had a family, we’ve also been joined by several brilliant employees from within the islands who we have trained up to be jewellers, workshop sales people and allies in coffee drinking.

    Apart from a few batches of casting that we have done by colleagues in Birmingham, everything we make is made in our workshop on St. Martin’s, all of our ranges are inspired by our island home and our workshop is an extension of everything we love about living on a tiny island.