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    Wrist Chains

    Every charm tells a story - how will yours reflect you? As a child I loved looking in my Mum's jewellery box at her late sister's charm bracelet, it felt like I could discover someone, who I had never met, by looking at the charms she'd chosen.

    Each chain can work towards being a unique piece of jewellery, depending on what you choose to have on there. We have a selection of ready to go charm bracelets but, if you want to be more specific and create your own design just choose the style of chain then add your charms to the same basket, we will then add the charms to your chain. We add our charms for free to our chains so you can keep adding to it over the years.

    Each chain is 20.5 cm long but we are happy to adjust them, at no charge, if they don't sit quite right.