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    Handcarved and Handstamped

    Each piece in this range has been hand stamped in the studio using hand carved stamps forged by Rob - each piece evokes a sense of place and connection to the islands.

    It is a real labour of love making each tool and stamp but we think the results are worth it - each simple, island inspired design is unique to us here at Fay Page.

    Tiny sols
    From $57.00
    Fishing boat
    From $57.00
    From $214.00
    Tent & Stars
    From $57.00
    Anchor on a chain
    From $57.00
    From $57.00
    Full Rose
    From $57.00
    Rose & bud
    Flip flop
    From $57.00
    Rose bud Rose bud
    From $57.00