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'Super twisty' wentletrap

'Super twisty' wentletrap

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We are getting slightly confused here in the workshop by the sheer number of Scilly shells we now make - this is our 43rd Scilly find - blimey.

We have for years made 'classic' wentletraps but this year our friend and regular visitor to Scilly, Rhian, found this - we  were all stumped but Rhian has found out that it's called a 'small wentletrap'. Now, we already have a small wentletrap (see, told you it was confusing) and it isn't like this so we've decided to christen it a 'Super twisty small wentletrap' - highly unscientific I know, but we like it.

Here in the workshop it is known as unicorn horn too......

The shell is 1.5cm long and solid silver.

It comes as a charm or on a chain - select from the drop-down menu.

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